Rain, Rain, Go Away!

We had quite a bit of rain the last few days.  I almost didn’t go outside for picture taking on Saturday.  But there was a little break in the showers in the late afternoon, so I went out and got a few quick pictures.  I love how rainy days turn green into Green.Clover covered in raindropsThistle

Sunday afternoon, the skies finally cleared up.  I decided to go check out the flooding….Flooded highway
The next picture is taken from the exact same spot as this earlier picture.  I’ve cropped the image slightly wider, but otherwise the view is identical.  I had to wade in ankle deep water to get to my spot this time around!  The grape vines were almost completely submerged.Flooded vineyard

The picture above was taken right next to a gate.  The picture below is the top of one of the gate posts.  Shudder!  It appears that all the neighborhood spiders made for “high ground” when the flood came, and ended up stranded on the fenceposts.Spiders stranded by the flood, atop a fence/gate postIt’s still making my skin crawl, just thinking about it!

The spiders weren’t the only ones who noticed all the water!  There were a lot of geese heading into the vineyards to take advantage of the new “lakes.”Canadian Geese

Later in the evening I decided to take advantage of the clear weather by trying out some night photography at the Marin Headlands, just north of San Francisco.San Francisco and  the Bay BridgeGolden Gate bridge


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