San Francisco

My journey this weekend was partially inspired by another another WordPress blog.  Thanks, daydreams & shoestrings!  When I saw that blog entry I knew I would have to visit this staircase.  It’s pretty amazing.  The scale of the thing is really mind blowing.
The staircase leads up to another road, and a smaller second staircase of plain, slightly decaying concrete.  This in turn leads to another road and a much longer wooden staircase to the top of the hill.  The view from the top was pretty spectacular.  I pieced together the following panorama from 11 pictures, using Microsoft I.C.E., my first time using this software.  It’s pretty impressive and a HUGE file size, even in .jpg format.
On the way down the staircase, I met a lady carrying a book titled, “Stairway Walks in San Francisco.”  It had the Mosaic Staircase featured prominently on the cover–another book which is headed for the top of my reading list!
I also tried to visit the Point Bonita lighthouse, but ended up there at the wrong time of day–it’s only open from 12:30 to 3:30.  This is a picture of a decaying brick/concrete dome, near the trailhead to the lighthouse.
A few other random pictures:


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