I don’t have a ton of photos to post from Las Vegas.  I was mostly just enjoying spending time with family there.  I do have a few though.  The first is a night time shot from the Stratosphere.  I thought this would make a good place to watch the sun setting and also a nice spot to get a night time picture of the Las Vegas Strip.  It is a terrific view, but the view is a obstructed by one unlit tower on the left edge of the photo.  Also, between the wind and the rides operating on the top of the Stratosphere, it really isn’t stable enough for time lapse photography.

We visited the Hoover Dam and walked across the new bridge.  I liked this shot of the bridge’s shadow on the dam.  It was a disappointing place to take pictures though, because no matter what angles I chose I seemed to always have a rat’s nest of power lines in the frame.

I loved the glass sculptures which we found throughout the casinos.  I can’t remember which casinos the individual photos are from.Parasols decorating a casino ceiling:

This was billed as the world’s largest chocolate fountain.  Mmmmmmmmmmm…  …chocolate!I couldn’t back up quite far enough to fit the whole thing into the frame–so the top of the fountain is cut off.  I really MUST get a wider angle lens.


3 thoughts on “Vegas

  1. paniorzechowa

    Amazing night shot, the lights look so good in some surreal and ‘fake’ way, it gives this feeling like the whole city was just a ‘fake blur’… I don’t really know how to say it… anyway great shot! P.

  2. nomadicphotog Post author


    It’s funny you say that. The lights are somewhat “fake.”

    Since I got the D800, I’ve started shooting in the raw (.NEF) format, which retains more of the details captured by the camera compared to the jpeg format. In order to use those photos, I have to first process them and ultimately convert the processed photos into jpeg or some other usable format.

    I’ve been processing photos in Adobe Lightroom prior to uploading them onto the blog. Generally, I try to keep them close to reality, perhaps brightening shadows, darkening highlights, correcting exposure problems, slightly adjusting color or white balance, but mostly trying to keep the photos “real” looking.

    For the night shot though, as I played with the color controls in Lightroom I found that the picture looked more and more like “Las Vegas” the more the colors were boosted into the realm of unreality. I think this is perhaps because Vegas’s basic nature is embracing things that are “fake.” From fake Roman columns in the architecture, to a fake Eiffel Tower, to fake boobs on showgirls… …everything in Vegas is very fake and very over-done.

    So I found that the more I boosted the color in the photo–well into the realm of un-reality–the more I thought it looked like Las Vegas. That photo has the color and the vibrance boosted all the way to the stops in Lightroom.



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