One Week In.

I’m now at the one week point, living in the Prius.  It is going very well.  I’m learning to be comfortable sleeping in the car.  I’m adjusting.  I’m figuring out a routine, for surviving during the work week and taking care of necessities such as laundry on a schedule.  It’s important for me to stay extremely organized, because there’s no extra space for clutter.  After a week at this, I really think it’s going to work.  It was a difficult decision, but I still think it was the right one.  I had a good week, and an extraordinary weekend.  Dad, if you’re reading this, you better get ready to cover your bets!

I celebrated a week in the car, by taking a long weekend off work and shooting some pictures around the Bay area.  I spent the weekend wandering and walking about a number of areas in the Bay area.  I’ll post a few of my favorite shots.

This is probably my favorite shot, as it really shows off the fine detail that the D800 can capture.  Also, I just have a huge amount of respect for honey bees and the work they do.  This picture was captured on some flowers (rosemary?) at the little park on the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge.  A really pretty spot to stop and take in the view.

The bridge, with fog blowing over it and a blimp flying overhead, admiring the view.  One of these days I will have to go for a ride in that blimp!

View of the downtown area.

An old crumbling barn, south of the Bay.

I’m not exactly sure where the firehose is here.  But I thought the tiny shed looked interesting with its paint all peeling off.

I was really straining the resolution of the D800 to get this shot, as the birds wouldn’t cooperate by flying up close.  I believe this is some sort of woodpecker.

A long string of locks, hanging from an open park gate.  I’m not sure what system was in play here, but it sure seemed like an interesting and rather excessive number of locks for a single gate.

View point, overlooking Monterey Bay.  It’s a bit too hazy to see the bay very well, but still I thought the view was beautiful.  Truly a magical place!

A relaxing stroll down a little trail through the oak strewn hillside above Monterey Bay.

Moonrise over the oak trees.

Again, straining the limits of the D800 and 300mm lens.


2 thoughts on “One Week In.

  1. RunLovelyOne

    I love the pics! My favorites are the moonrise and the moon ones. I didn’t realize you had made new blog entries. Well done.


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