Sleep is for Sissies!

I wish I could claim ownership for that title but I can’t.  I saw it on a bumpersticker today–something advertising the Robert Ferguson Observatory I believe–a good tagline for astronomers as well as for people who are in the middle of a move.  If you google that title it will also lead to an interesting facebook page (again not mine).

I finished up the moving last night.  Well, finished as best I could.  I’m pretty sure I got everything important into my storage shed, and that was my goal.  Many trips in the Prius were involved, but it’s done now.  I finished and left the house at about 3 AM.  It was a little scary, saying goodbye to the house and moving into the car.  Towards the end I realized I had gotten everything important and I was dragging my feet.  That’s when I decided it was time to go.  Once I left the house though, the “scary” wore off and it felt quite liberating.

I parked next to a like-minded RV driver in a Walmart parking lot.  That seems to be a community parking area for people who are living on the road.  My first night (or really just 1/3 of a night) in the car didn’t involve much sleeping.  My brain was still churning quite a bit.  It usually takes me a few nights to grow accustomed to new sleeping quarters, even under the best of circumstances.  But I did manage to sleep.

It was raining and cold, and I was concerned that I would freeze so I planned ahead and bought two warm down comforters.  That turned out to be overkill.  I was roasting hot, and had to kick off the comforters to avoid cooking!

Down sides…  I couldn’t open the windows very much, because of the rain.  I did crack one open slightly and got a tiny bit of rain in the car as a result.  But it really fogged up inside the car.  I must get some side window deflectors, so I can open the windows a little, even when it’s raining.

I have one more item on the way, which I hope will make a HUGE improvement in the sleeping arrangements.  But that’s a story for another day.


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