Hello, you sexy BEAST!!!

My new D800 showed up this afternoon.  Wow!  It is magnificent.  I just got it all put together and have started fiddling with it, trying to figure things out.  The autofocus seems to be greatly improved over the D70.  Even indoors at night, where the D70 really struggled, the D800 seems to focus with no problem.

I have my work cut out for me, learning to use it!  Everything has moved.  Everything works a little differently.  There’s definitely going to be some frustration at first.  But it seems pretty clear, that the hard work will be richly rewarded.

The D800 doesn’t feel as comfortable in my hands as the D70, probably  because my hands are so accustomed to the D70.  The D800 is much bigger than the D70.  The D800 is dramatically heavier.  But I think I’m in love!  And I don’t care that my new love is sporting a few extra pounds.  Just more of you to love, Baby!


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