I decided to buy myself a present, to coincide with moving out and re-focusing on photography and my other hobbies.  I’ve ordered a new Nikon D800, which should arrive within a day or two.

This is my ancient Nikon D70, which I still love.  It has a been a trusted and faithful companion for many years–so many years, sometimes it seems as though it’s been with me my whole life.  I’ve been through a lot with my D70 and it has rarely disappointed me.  I know technology has greatly improved, and I have considered replacing it for years.  I am looking forward to the arrival of the D800 with tremendous excitement.  Still, I know I will miss the D70 more than I care to admit.  After so many years together, my hands just know, instinctively, where to go without my brain even thinking it.  My hands know just where all of the buttons are, and how to use them.  What buttons to push and precisely how to push them.  What buttons to stay away from.

Changing to the D800 will be a real struggle.  I will have to re-learn practically everything I thought I knew.  It won’t work the same way as I’m accustomed.  Buttons which might seem similar, will have a completely different effect from what I am expecting.  At times it will be massively frustrating.  Part of me doesn’t want to make the switch, even though I know it will be a tremendous improvement.  But I know it’s time to say goodbye to the D70.


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