I find myself at an interesting turning point in my life.  Four days from now I will move out of my house and live out of my Prius.  I am not broke or unemployed.  I can afford a house, but I no longer want one.

I’ve always been an adventurer.  When I was younger I would go on road trips; rock climbing and mountain climbing mostly.  I love to travel, I love to drive, and I love photography.  I’m not an expert at any of these.  Not by any stretch.  And I have set all those hobbies aside, for many years.  Suddenly I find there’s nothing standing between me and those hobbies any longer.  And I am looking forward to wholeheartedly embracing them again.

I find myself, every night, coming home from work to an enormous empty house.  Part of me expects, every time I open the door, to see the family I love inside.  I know they will never be there, but some part of me simply won’t accept that.  I’m developing a real phobia associated with opening the door to my house.  I am looking forward to having doors with huge glass windows, so I can see what’s inside before I open the door.

My father tells me there is a pool going within my family on how long this will last.  He’s down for two weeks.  I told him I would bet on the long end of that pool.  Our running joke is “two.”  For him it means two weeks.  For me it means two years.  I’m not sure which will be more accurate.

Four days from now I will move out of my house.  I won’t be homeless, but my home will have wheels.  I will travel.  I will explore.  I will wander.  I will photograph.  This blog will document my journey.  I don’t know where that journey will take me.  I just know I am compelled to take it.


2 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. nomadicphotog Post author

    Thank you for your interest in my journey, Lisa. I’m trying to keep that story out of the blog. It could be a separate blog in itself, but I’m trying to stay focused on the present/future. Focusing on the journey, not the starting point. If you’re really interested in the back-story send me an email at and I’ll fill you in a little.


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